New Papercuts Video – “Future Primitive”

When we posted “Future Primitive” from Papercuts’ great You Can Have What You Want, Brandon noted the “hazy weight” to the track’s pop, and how well it paired with the out-of-focus press shot Jason Quever had attached. The haze and weight are doubled for the song’s video, which sees Jason trekking through the desert (primitive) with a tiny, hipster swaggy messenger bag (future) and a quest for cans on grainy black-and-white celluloid. If you like it, there are MP3s for you, too.

For you:

Papercuts – “Future Primitive” (MP3)

A rad remix:

Papercuts – “Future Primitive (Ruby Suns Remix)” (MP3)

And another LP track:

Papercuts – “You Can Have What You Want” (MP3)

You Can Have What You Want is out via Gnomonsong.

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