Caribou Live Video – “Melody Day”

Ever since Manitoba was forced by that dick Handsome Dick Manitoba to change their name to Caribou, Dan Snaith and his shifting cast of collaborators have broadened their sound, developing an increasingly living/breathing psychedelic feel that goes beyond the bedroom tie-dying (which was definitely pleasing, but definitely different). Serving up some of that Odessey And Oracle pop in Snaith’s London-based home studio, the Pink Room, the boys look very much the part of ’60s troubadours. The room itself? Looks like it was made out “Incense And Peppermints.” Maybe you start your “Melody Day” by waking up with a Strawberry Alarm Clock? Whatever the case or bad psych pun, it’s a wonderful atmosphere for a stroll through the Andorra standout.

Andorra is out on Merge.

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