New Doveman Video Clip – “Chasing Clouds”

You may remember our write-up on “Chasing Clouds,” the first single from With My Left Hand I Raise The Dead, the new album by Thomas Bartlett, aka Doveman, aka OKX “Airbag”-er. Now the Dove has a sorta chilling Fastboy-directed video clip for the song. Synchronized spinning?

Any idea what those things are? Makes us think of a Bruce Nauman piece joining forces with the Olympics — only dreamier. As for the hushed, melancholic tune, here’s the whole thing again, just in case.

Doveman – “Chasing Clouds” (MP3)

All said, as bummed as he sounds, guess it is easier chasing clouds when you’re a Doveman.

With My Left Hand I Raise The Dead is out 10/9 on Brassland.

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