New Bruce Springsteen Video – “Long Walk Home” (& Magic Stream)

Yes indeed, the Boss is back (the Jersey boy in us just shed a tear). Hard to believe Springsteen’s on his fifteenth studio album, so if you’re feeling nostalgic you can either drop a pretty penny on a Born To Run test pressing or buck up and — amid the promo blitz — watch a couple new videos and stream Magic for free. C’mon, this is for the working man…

Bruce goes back to the Jersey shore (and a Jersey diner) for “Long Walk Home,” Magic’s second single. It’s set in a small town that “wrap(s) its arms around you.” Right, where Springsteen’s at his best. Has anyone ever rocked a soul patch with such style? Don’t say Don Cheadle (that’s our little joke, Casting Couch commenters).

Our only complaint: We can hear the E Street band (yo, Clarence), but what’s with relegating ‘em to the passing footage toward the end? Well, glad they’re all smiling at least. And, they were better repped in “Radio Nowhere.” But is the rest of Magic actually magic? You tell us. You can stream it here. Thoughts? Us first: “Girls In Summer Clothes” reminds us of Magnetic Fields. Seriously. Discuss.

Magic is out 10/2 on Sony.