“I Wrote ‘New Slang’ Motherfucker” … The T-Shirt

As we remember from the halcyon emergence-of-the-indie-yuppie days, aspiring hipsters like buying tees. (And then later selling off their accrued cred to the highest bidder on Craigslist.) So t-shirts and hipsters: It’s a bond that runs deep. The creators of the website bygonebureau.com “wisely observed that indie rock fans will buy anything printed on American Apparel shirts” and created a line of tops that would, unfortunately, never see the light of Urban Outfitters or Beacon’s Closet. Let’s dive into a couple to see why we’re calling that a bona fide travesty. Up first, as titularly teased…

The bygone guys say those sensitive lyrics are just Sub Pop shtick, and that “James Mercer is indie pop?s most misogynistic star.” Ha.

The Gibbard tee! “…targeted at 98% of Death Cab for Cutie?s fanbase. Unfortunately, retailers refused to sell shirts only available in extra large.”

This one’s funny ’cause it’s true. In every indie geek’s dreams.

Check some more here. (via fimoculous). Got ideas for a punny/ironic band tees? Get ‘em off … um, on … your chest.