New Bangers & Cash (Spank Rock & Benny Blanco) – “Bitch”

The afterparty from Björk’s MSG show the other night became a Bangers & Cash celebration — Spank Rock, Santogold, Amanda Blank, working through the cuts they’ve so generously donated to 2 Live lovers/booty rhyme seekers far and wide via MySpace this month. Pics from that later today, for now we’ve got the last track from the the sumptuous rump-loving B&C EP. Looks like the four tracks are split into two camps: there’s “Shake That” and “B.O.O.T.A.Y” which are the come-ons, and the amazing “Loose” and “Bitch,” which are less-kind, “hoodrat hoochie-mama” diss tracks. But they’re all unified in lewd lovability.

“Bitch”‘s intent is clear, from title to opening salvo (“Let’s describe a certain type of female”). More of a grind-time beat than the past tracks and the least repeat worthy of the collection. But for the complete set, get yr download on, bitch. We’ve tucked the “Bitch” album art after the jump, too, ’cause we figure not everybody wants to see a snake in the midst of cunnilingus…

…besides you, noble jump-takers. First the track…

Bangers & Cash – “Bitch” (MP3)

Now, the tongue.

Last up from the project: a video for “Loose.” Get ready.