Bigmouths Strike Again: Let’s Get Timbaland Edition

Sometimes you choose your producer out of sheer synergy. Like, Naeem probably picked Benny Blanco to do the Bangers & Cash stuff ’cause the two were bonded in their love for ripe asses. On the flip, though, sometimes you choose your control room purely in contemplation of garnering big sales. So it went with today’s Bigmouth and the Maestro.

Yes, it’s calculated. We wanted to have a hit record. We wanted to get played on U.S. Top 40 radio … So we said, “Right, let’s get Timbaland.” The session was less than a week, and we came out with three songs. We thought, “God, if it can be as quick and painless as that, then let’s do some more.”

Guess the chart-minded speaker, then take the jump.

(via SPIN)

Okay, so that one was pretty easy. But we love that he’s honest like the wolf.

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