Kanye Confirms SXSW ’11

Two years ago nearly to the day, Ye confirmed rumors he’d do SXSW ’09. Back then it felt like an actual announcement, and the hearkening of a perception shift for both Kanye and SXSW. (Not for Stereogum, though.) Today’s confirmation feels pretty on-the-nose for both South By and West, but still it is NEWS in that it will be all anyone is talking about that day. (And if history is a reliable indicator, it will be FUN.) The day is Saturday, March 19th at the Vevo PowerHouse, where Kanye will play a branded set of songs with possible guests and definite megalomania. This video trumpeting the set is predictably self-celebratory, with a montage/medley of past video triumphs along with a little bit of Aziz and SNL champ Zach Galifianakis because Kanye is bigger than just music, he belongs to pop culture. Or something. Watch it:

(via Idolator)

If you can’t make it in to see Kanye, I suggest going to the free open bar show featuring Das Racist, Owen Pallett, Cults, Gold Panda, and Puro Instinct. It also starts at 11:59PM and is hosted by us.

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