Antony & The Johnsons’ Performance Of “One Dove” For Dutch TV Does Not Make Us Feel Uncomfortable

Scott and I emailed about this a couple of times before realizing holy shit the host is Paul de Leeuw. As in the Paul de Leeuw who is definitely your boyfriend. I won’t pretend to understand his local cultural mores, but when the Dutch TV personality did his incredibly intimate duet with a child it was hard not to watch it and think “not okay, Dutch TV personality.” Later I was told his passionate kissing and rubbing were acceptable by Dutch standards of behavior, so, fair enough? On the other hand, even with the language barrier Paul’s intro to Antony’s performance of “One Dove” seems somewhat heartwarming and innocently amusing (cute sisters requesting “You Are My Sister”). Sororital love needs no translation; other sorts are lost in it. Antony is game for the sisterly request, but not before delivering a typically on-point live TV performance, here of “One Dove.” It’s up to par, although I’m hoping the next in his endless parade of TV appearances is a sample of the Matthew Herbert-engineered electro reworkings of The Crying Light material he surprised us with at Coachella. Because they were very good.

(via The Music Slut)

The Crying Light is out. We’ll keep you posted on all Antony/Herbert developments.