New Breathe Owl Breathe Video – “Boat”

This weirdly affecting video for Michigan trio Breathe Owl Breath’s “Boat” was directed by Weston Currie, who recently brought us two views of Abe Vigoda. Micah Middaugh (vocals, guitar), Andrea Moreno-Beals (vocals, cello), and Trevor Hobbs (percussion) hang around by an autumnal lake and forest on the grayest of days, all shadows and fall trees. There’s a cloak, an old-fashioned colorful bonnet, and something hiding in a box awaiting its chance to fly. The most striking moment occurs after a minute or so of the members smiling, laughing or staring into the distance when they finally start their singing: “What if the sound waves to you / ‘Bye bye for now,’ / and leaves you.'” It’s reminiscent of stripped-down Poi Dog Pondering, if those folks started out in East Jordan, Michigan and not Hawaii. And you wouldn’t be wrong to hear Jonathan Richman (via Bowerbirds) in Middaugh’s intonations. Get your feet wet:

The Ghost Glacier EP is out now via eMusic Selects. You can hear more at the band’s MySpace.