will.i.am Gets Daft Punk’d

As we’ve learned recently, the Black Eyed Pea guy with questionable period usage has got a full palette of marketable attributes, what with his enviable gift for rhymery and deep understanding of Mendelian genetics, but let’s not forget, he’s not all talk. Dude also makes music. And post-Kanye Daft Punk remixes. See, skills — he’s got ‘em. All of ‘em, except that thing called business savvy.

According to Daily Swarm, will.i.am got so carried away with the idea of working some Daft Punk into his act — ’cause they’re hott this year! — that he forgot to check if it was cool with the robots. So he went ahead and remixed “I Got It From My Mama” (the previously alluded to track about female hot-gene inheritance) with Daft staple “Around The World.” And then he shot a video. And then he asked permission. And then permission was denied. Go ‘bots. Silly will, you really just should’ve asked PB&J. Or Feist.

This is a remix…