The Week In Show Tunes

Summer was fun etc., but we’ve been riding unreasonable levels of excitement for the fall TV season; us high culture junkies are in need of a fix. And this fall more than any other — riding the well documented successes of the Alexandra Patsavas cabal and the “‘Young Folks’ Effect”? — the shows are out to hook you with their super hip music tastes. Take Gossip Girl, the new Josh Schwartz show aimed at trendy youngsters, kicking off right away with … “Young Folks.” Trend-setting stuff, right at the open. Or Dirty Sexy Money, the new Donald Sutherland show which featured a limo scene soundtracked by … “Young Folks.” Okay, no, let’s go to Californication, the David Duchovny-starring Showtime series with inter-segment segue music that’s … right, a legal rip of “Young Folks.”

Creative TV types, what’ll they come up with next.

Of course there was a lot more than just PB&J popping up on shows this week, so for this very special PREMIERE WEEK EXTRAVAGANZA edition of Show Tunes, we’ve rounded up tracks appearing in shows’ premiere eps (and from this week which had seasons already in progress ’cause why not) and broken ‘em down into a cute little list.

Cold Case
Nirvana – “All Apologies”
Nirvana – “Stay Away”
Nirvana – “If You Must”
Nirvana – “Lithium”
Nirvana – “Drain You”
Nirvana – “Something In The Way”
Nirvana – “Heart Shaped Box”
Nirvana – “Come As You Are”

Foreign Born – “Into Your Dream”
The Shins – “A Comet Is Born”

Dirty Sexy Money
Peter Bjorn & John – “Young Folks”

Gossip Girl
Peter Bjorn & John – “Young Folks”
Timbaland – “The Way I Are”
Amy Winehouse – “Back To Black”
Akon – “It Don’t Matter”
Angels & Airwaves – “The Gift”
Rihanna – “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want”

Grey’s Anatomy
I’m From Barcelona – “Oversleeping”
Lily Allen – “Knock ‘Em Out”
Blonde Redhead – “23”
Meiko – “To Love You”
Cinematic Orchestra – “To Build A Home”

The Hills
The Last Goodnight – “Poison”
Peter Bjorn & John – “Young Folks:
Katy Perry – “Self Inflicted”
The Blakes – “Lint Walk”
Olivia Broadfield – “Lost In You”
Marié Digby – “Stupid for You”
Taxpayer – “Bottom Line”
Trek Life – “All Times”
Big Chris – “Mistify”
Carmen and Camille – “I Will Never”
Sara Bareilles – “Between the Lines”
Will Dailey – “Hollywood Hills”
The Little Ones – “Lovers Who Uncover”
The Maccabees – “First Love”
James Morrison – “Wonderful World”
Tokyo Police Club – “Be Good”

How I Met Your Mother
Mandy Moore (cameo)
Enrique Iglesias (cameo)

The Pick Up Artist
Death Cab For Cutie “Crooked Teeth”

Private Practice
Chris Garneau – “Sad News”
(his “Castle Time” will be on Grey’s next week)

The Individual – “Little Boxes”
Mr Smolin – “The Earth Keeps Turning On”

What’d we miss? Also, why is nobody talking about how Chuck’s Zach Levi is just an NBC ploy to create another John Krasinski at different time slot? Speaking of — no new tunes from The Office, but take this as sweet consolation. Pam and Jim…

Sidebar: The Pick Up Artist = incredibly entertaining. Y/Y?