Great Lake Swimmers Grow Up And Make A Honda Ad

In this new Honda ad, the Tony Dekker-fronted Toronto band’s “See You On The Moon!” is played during the start of a small homegrown outdoor rock concert (where everyone owns the same kind of car). In the past the track’s given the name to See You on the Moon: Songs for Kids of All Ages and showed up on For The Kids III. Now Great Lake Swimmers hope it will sell you a 2010 Insight. The full song features the “When I grow up maybe I’ll be a veterinarian” or “maybe I’ll be an astronaut and work for NASA,” etc., theme, but here the focus is the “When I grow up maybe I’ll be a singer in a band / and I’ll drive all across the land / with my friends all in the van” bit. Thing is, the Honda Insight’s “the hybrid for everyone.” Maybe they should adjust that last line so it gets better gas mileage.

Honda has more about the Great Lake Swimmers track, along with some other songs by other bands, here. GLS’s Lost Channels is on sale for $2.99 at Amazon MP3 until Tuesday.