New Nellie McKay Video – “Zombie”

If we know our stage rear-walls (a proposition far from certain), the Nellie bits in this clip were shot at Joe’s Pub. And the rest? The man-on-the-street Frankenstein trots? Well, a couple of ‘em were shot out in front of Karavas, near the intersection of W. 4th and 6th Ave in the Village. From the audience-perspective camcorder concert footage to the cut’s quasi-campy cabaret and Nellie’s OTT affectations, the whole thing gives Nellie a chance to have a laugh. A protracted, six-minute-and-thirty-six-second long laugh.

The track comes from Nellie’s Obligatory Villagers is out now via Vanguard. ‘Gum Droppers recently received an unreleased bonus track from the session in the Spanish-sung “Me Gusta Mañana.” If you haven’t had a chance, check it here.

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