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SubRosa – “Attack On Golden Mountain”

Returning from Austin yesterday, the American Airlines in-flight magazine had a small feature on Salt Lake City music that included a handful of pretty pathetic looking bands, one with particularly terrible hair. Gaza’s probably too intense for the target audience of an airline glossy, but the Utah city’s excellent “female dominated” doom-pop quartet SubRosa have enough ’90s-redolent hooks in their arsenal that it wouldn’t be impossible imagining some non-metal heads in the Economy Section getting into their expansive take on violin-lined, folk-inflected sludge. SubRosa’s recommended third album No Help For The Mighty Ones was mixed and mastered by Marduk bassist Magnus Devo Andersson, but take a listen to “Attack On Golden Mountain” PJ Harvey (and, hey, Breeders) fans.

SubRosa – “Attack On Golden Mountain”

Another standout, “The Inheritance.”

SubRosa – “The Inheritance”

No Help For The Mighty Ones is out via Profound Lore.

SubRosa Promo Photo 2011
[Photo by Peter Anderson]

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