New White Denim – “Mirrored And Reverse”

Those of you bored by White Denim’s soulfully herky jerky garage shake shake shake could be pleasantly surprised by the gurgling, chillier psychedelia of “Mirrored And Reverse.” The denser, more fluid track’s still plenty bluesy, etc., but it finds the Texas trio sounding like autumnal This Heat!, or maybe dusky Blue Cheer (or, OK, Comets On Fire) on a pop trip. It’s from the forthcoming Fits, which is out in the UK in June, and in the US sometime in the future.

White Denim – “Mirrored And Reverse” (MP3)
(via NME)

Fits is out 6/22 via Full Time Hobby. The band is still in search of a U.S. label.

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