Amanda Palmer & Cormac Bride – “Everybody Hurts”

Everybody hurts — true, but for each person it’s different. For this week’s ‘Gum Drop, Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer and Sleepshell’s Cormac Bride offer a much different take on the R.E.M. classic than the Meat Puppets’ Elvis-meets-Rasputin version, which showed up yesterday as part of the first round of Drive XV tracks. Here’s Amanda Palmer’s almost-help-from-her-friends story behind her “Everybody Hurts.”

I had just landed from the UK and got an email from Stereogum at around 5 pm that they wanted a cover of an REM song. It sounded like fun, but they had a deadline, and I was only in town for two more days. I said yes anyway and then about 13 minutes later Cormac called randomly to say ‘hi,’ so I asked if he would come over at night with his guitar, but the computer was being weird and we only had two working tracks, and we wanted to record it totally live, and I didn’t know how to fix it, and so we called Noah, who was at the Columbus having drinks with Troy, and he didn’t want to come back to fix it right then, so I called Vessela next door to see if maybe she wanted to come over and record a track of names of people she had hurt in her Bulgarian accent because I thought that would be great and we would add Max with a people he had hurt in his British accent and Lee would add a list with Lee in his Montana accent and Cormac and I would both do a hurt list too and then we’d have this great jumble of names of hurt people …. and Vessela said sure and Max said sure and Lee said sure and I told them we were waiting for Noah to come back and fix the computer and Vessela said maybe troy could fix it and I said but he’s with Noah at the bar. And Noah finally came home and we finally recorded it at 2:30 in the morning, and then we were done and everybody who was going to record names of people they had wronged had gone to bed so we didn’t get to do that part. Don’t throw your hand.