New Little Boots Video – “New In Town”

When Victoria Hesketh came to CMJ last year with her Tenori-on and “Stuck On Repeat” being just that for bloggers seeking a new pop fix, she was a “must see” that wound up in the “promising but in progress” department. By SXSW she had BBC’s breakout stamp and peoples were all like She Is Ready. (I missed her so can’t corroborate.) The first video from her forthcoming debut LP Hands, for the thoroughly remixed “New In Town,” seems designed to convince you of that burgeoning swagger, Little Boots in a little blue frock strolling through fully choreographed urban environs. Looks dangerous.

Not at Robyn/Annie level yet, but getting there. The Hands LP is out as a UK-only release on 6/9 via Atlantic. That same day the US will get a new Little Boots EP titled Illuminations featuring “New In Town,” “Stuck On Repeat,” and some covers/previously unreleased bonus stuff. New Yorkers, she’ll be at Le Poisson Rouge soon.

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