New Ducktails Video – “Landrunner”

Matt Mondanile, a member of NJ BTW (and enjoyable live act) Real Estate takes care of his more abstract and/or expansive tendencies in Ducktails and Predator Vision. To date the LP section of Ducktails’ discography remains somewhere in the future, but you can expect the first self-titled collection out on Not Not Fun in early May. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Landscapes out on Olde English Spelling Bee a bit later. Here’s the Landscapes’s driving, sunny “Landrunner” attached to the psyched-out cut-n-paste Max-Ernst-at-the-beach imagery of an Alice Cohen-directed video.


Landscapes is out sometime down the road via Olde English Spelling Bee. Before that happens, Ducktails is on tour with the excellent Finnish act Tomutonttu, aka Jan Anderzén of Kemialliset Ystävät. (Yes, more Fonal-associated sounds.) You can check up on these Ducktails dates plus Predator Vision and Real Estate shows and additional sounds, at MySpace.