New Eat Skull – “Stick To The Formula”

I’m curious how folks will react to this after all the “shit-gaze” and “lo-fi” angst in the comments section of the Psychedelic Horseshit hates Wavves post, but Eat Skull’s second full-length Wild And Inside is one of my favorite pop albums this year. Low-fidelity, surely, but frontman Rob Enbom writes immediately catchy melodies and pretty and noisy harmonies, so hissing more in the GBV or Tall Dwarfs sense. If you weren’t into the Oregon quartet’s Sick To Death, no matter: These dozen songs are sharper, tighter, and all together stronger, while maintaining some of the kitchen-sink racket. It took me forever to choose a song to post because I like most of them. In the end, I decided to go with opener “Stick To The Formula,” since it’s the one they put upfront.

Eat Skull – “Stick To The Formula” (MP3)

In case you wanted some more background, remember they were part of MTV’s Portland is cool expose.

Wild And Inside is out now via Siltbreeze. You can hear some more of it (“Dawn In The Face”) at MySpace.

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