Van Halen Needs A Guitar Tech

Trivia time: 11 years ago today, Diamond Dave was fired from Van Halen after rejoining the band in June. Dude currently has a job — and from many accounts the reunion tour’s going well — but after Eddie Van Halen flopped through an out-of-tune “Jump” in Greensboro last week, looks like the boys need to fire and hire a guitar tech.

Pretty hysterical. Speaking of which: Check out Dave’s giant inflatable mic ride and lift … preferably with the sound off (no wonder he has a job!). But was Eddie’s monitor off? Did he figure he’d Sonic Youth it? Did he forget how it was supposed to sound?

Who knows, but maybe it’s the stinking, screeching incident that’s driven the finger-tapper into teaming with a … flower shop? Ah, sweet sweet smells. All you have to do is order a floral arrangement in excess of $100, and you’re entered to win some sweet swag. First prize is a signed guitar, which is cool enough (you can recreate your own out-of-tune solo at home!), but EVH “striped tennis shoes” valued at $5,000? Seems like Smashing Pumpkins pricing.

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