Country Stars Show Their Stripes, Bravely Defy Terrorists In New Song “Bomb NY”

Terrorist attacks on our homeland temporarily united and later deeply divided this great land of ours, but for certain deliciously jingoistic country stars that will remain unnamed (certainly not Toby Keith), they’ve somehow been a career boon. But it’s nice to see country singers set aside the “We’ll kick your ass, Osama” vibe for a sec, and say, “Hey, we don’t need to get so aggressive; last time they bombed us, we all came together — so go ahead, you can’t hurt America by blowing up New York City. Try it. We dare you.”

Says one fan, “The message is what I love, and I do think that if everyone in New York was killed, it would bring the country together.” Here’s a bit detailing the song:

Guess we should mention: the following news report was produced by the Onion News Network.

You can grab the full tune for your PMP (Patriotic Music Player) by heading here. It’s good to be a New Yorker.