MSGVarsity Rips Off Unicorns

Yeah, good luck with this. We’ve seen lots of commercials ripping off indie bands lately (Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, etc). Now you can add Unicorns to that list. The Montreal band’s “I Was Born (A Unicorn)” shows up in this commercial for MSGVarsity, a TV channel that shows high school varsity sports games (and debates, apparently). The clip uses the distinctive and very catchy opening riff from the song (with two notes changed) as well as the drums. Well, it pretty much uses everything from before the vocals come in. Crayola used the same song in a commercial a while back, except they paid for the actual track. Watch:


I forgot about the Unicorns’ matching pink outfits. R.I.P.

(via The Up-Turn)

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