New Scout Niblett (Feat. Will Oldham) Video – “Kiss”

Trick or treat? In the gorgeous, autumnal Scout Niblett and Judah Switzer-directed video for “Kiss,” the first single from This Fool Can Die Now, Emma Louise dons a wig and stuffs bread against her gums while ubiquitous hype man Will Oldham adopts a sad-sack king-of-the-skeleton look, before heading out on the town (and beach) to play ski ball, lick ice cream and eat pizza, and dance like teenagers in love.

How about those here/there/everywhere “don’t break my dream”‘s, sung teary, joyous, and soulful across the phone lines? Sorta Donnie Darko meets The Nightmare Before Christmas and small-town John Hughes. Have always enjoyed the English singer (strange, smart, aesthetically intriguing), but this tune and video take us somewhere Niblett hasn’t before. Kinda perfect.

This Fool Can Die Now, which includes three additional Bonnie ‘Prince’-guesting tacks, is out 10/9 in the US and 10/15 in the UK via Beggars/Too Pure.