The Killers Cover Joy Division

The Ian Curtis biopic Control’s been screening to great reviews and accolades praising Anton Corbijn and the production team’s taste and discretion — and really hate to ruin the party, guys — but somebody’s gotta stand up and take the fall for allowing the Killers to be the only band to cover Joy Division on the film’s official soundtrack. Or even just to take the blame for them to be considered for the slot. Brandon’s boys butchered “Shadowplay” at NME’s Shockwaves show earlier this year, but now you can hear it studio recorded, which beautifully preserve Flowers’ hammy spin on Ian’s vox. Listen here.

“Shadowplay”‘s also appearing on the Killers’ b-sides collection Sawdust is out 11/13 on Island. This is the collection that’ll feature new song “Tranquilize” with Lou Reed. And a proper recording of their Dire Straits cover. So will Sawdust be awesome? How could it miss? This is the band that put out one of the best albums of the last 20 years.