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Band To Watch: Nire

In the age of the indie-athemic, it’s nice to occasionally take things down a notch … or two. Philly to Portland boy/girl duo Nire make us think a bit about Eric’s Trip, Ida, or Beach House with their whispered, witching-hour vocals, but there’s something more introverted, indie-pop, and bedroom-sighed about ‘em. Eric’s Trip had no problem tearing up a garage after bringing out the tears and Beach House likes to drift and soar into the Galaxie 500, but Erin Morgan and Josh Hinton’s debut full-length Vespers barely moves above the hush you’ll hear on standout, key-lined, end-of-summer track “Wide Eyed Restless.” Totally fitting as the days get shorter, the nights chillier, the leaves keep dying.

[Shuteye and restful photo by Ciaran Smith]

Nire – “Wide-eyed, Restless” (MP3)

For all the spareness and silence, tracks like “Out In The Sun” — dealing with hiding and being hidden — or lovely lullaby “Girl In The Moon,” brim with quiet-time energy and propulsion. If you can’t wait until Vespers and MySpace isn’t doing it, check out a few diaries from a recent European tour. Rambling across the States anytime soon, buckaroos?

Vesper is out 10/9 on Abandoned Love. Search out their two earlier EPs, if you can find them.

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