New Puscifer Video – “Queen B.”

Tool dude Maynard James Keenan’s non-A Perfect Circle side project, Puscifer, is releasing a record this month. The mere fact that their first appearance was as the band in the first episode of Mr. Show (with a later cameo in the half-baked Run Ronnie Run) makes their every move Stereogum-worthy, but friend-of-Bob-and-Dave Maynard’s Puscifer crew also incorporates Primus skin-smasher Tim “Herb” Alexander, guitarist Jonny Polonsky, Lisa Germano, and for the perfect fifth element, Milla Jovovich. Plus, this stuff’s a far cry from his AFC/Tool stuff; not that we love it, but it’s interesting to hear Keenan moanin’ over a fat backbeat. “Queen B.” is the first clip from the band’s forthcoming V Is For Vagina (take that, Wachowskis), featuring a game of CGI chess, with a bunch of Maynards as the slick-moving pawns. Yawns? Sorta.

V Is For Vagina is out 10/30.