The Narrator Cover “Try Not To Breathe”

“Try Not To Breathe,” the song that made Mike Mills feel, for just a little while, like a Beatle. Mike was good enough to chat with us when we were putting together Drive XV to give his thoughts and anecdotes on Automatic track-by-track — but it seems “Try” holds an extra special place in his heart:

“A beautiful song, personally one of my favorite backing vocals that I ever did. I felt like John Lennon when I came up with it. It’s very nice to feel like John Lennon even if it’s just for five seconds.”

Meanwhile, in the words accompanying their rad, faithful cover of the track, Stereofave the Narrator compare the tune to another iconic British act, saying “[Try Not To Breathe] is R.E.M.’s Smiths’ song.” As mentioned it’s reverent, but the middle ten gets noisy and out in all the right ways. Have a listen, grab MP3, and check the Narrator’s full testimonial re: the track by clicking here.