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The 10 Best Videos Of The Week

This week we’ve got new videos from tUnE-yArDs, TV On The Radio, SebastiAn, Mr. Dream, Coma Cinema, Big Freedia, and the Human League. That’s a still from the Human League video above, who put together a slightly nauseating and fun clip using just a mirror effect and some octopuses. That thing above is obviously not what it looks like, but that’s the Human League: doing weird things with hair for 20+ years. The rest of this week’s videos don’t have a lot in common, but I did try to group together a couple of them: For instance, it’s the dancing in both Big Freedia’s and tUnE-yArDs’ videos that make them worth watching. And I also liked placing a Coma Cinema video (where a man cuts off a woman’s ear and wears it as a necklace) next to that FLASHGUNS video, where the band butcher meat and feed it to a dog. The final video owes a lot to El Guincho’s “Bombay” clip, but I still thought it’d be a nice, NSFW way to kick off the weekend.

tUnE-yArDs – “Bizness” (Dir. Mimi Cave)

Like I wrote in the post, I love how the dancing goes from an orderly triangle to chaotic tumbling to freestyle face-making in this video. To me, what makes Merrill Garbus so cool is how little she cares about cool.

Big Freedia – “Y’all Get Back Now” (Dir. Bob and Josh)

Big Freedia is already Sissy Bounce’s ambassador. In this video she walks around her city like she owns the town, bringing her music to new ears.

SebastiAn – “Embody” (Dir. SO ME)

Another dance-centered video, but this one relies on just one dancer — an adorable and supremely confident teen — to carry the whole thing. He appears out of nowhere and dances everywhere. For a second it looks like it’s one of those prank videos, but I like that no one sees or acknowledges him except for his parents. There are equally adorable behind-the-scenes photos on SO ME’s website. (via Antville)

The Human League – “Never Let Me Go” (Dir. Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond)

Directors Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond recently turned in videos for Fujiya & Miyagi, but I think this one tops their previous work. It’s interesting how the mirroring effect here produces revulsion, even when all the facial features are all there.
(via Promo News)

Mr. Dream – “Crime” (Dir. Philip Hodges)

This is Mr. Dream’s first video, and they made so many good decisions here, from the eerie security camera blue tinge and pan, to the unusual aspect ratio of the video, to the way the band’s performance meets the video’s action.

Honorable Mention:

TV On The Radio – “Will Do” (Dir. Dugan O’Neal )

Alex Clare – “Too Close” (Dir. Ian Bonhote)

Watch here. (via Promo News)
Alex Clare - "Too Close" Video

Coma Cinema – “Blue Suicide” (Dir. Tyler T. Williams)

FLASHGUNS – “Passions Of A Different Kind” (Dir. Jean-Philippe Blunt and Thom Humphreys)

(via Promo News)

NSFW Video Of The Week:

Cançó De L’alba – BEDROOM (Dir. Ramón Ayala)

(via Antville)