New Bloc Party – “Flux” (And Conan O’Brien Video)

News came yesterday from the Bloc Party camp of a new single — news that would’ve excited us more a year or two ago, but still, Kele and Co.’s Silent ways have earned our ear for awhile to come. Didn’t take long for it to pop up online, so have a listen at Hypem to gauge their direction. Premature evaluation says it’s got a beat and we can dance to it. Except Kele sounds too much like Cher. Fair point: A lot of people like to dance to Cher.

Also, they flexed their new “Flux” on Conan last night, where it featured much less autotune on the vox, sounding more like the band we fell in love with on Alarm, even more new wave-y if that’s possible. Only, that “We need to talk!” is so “We’re gonna win this!” We’ll bring you the Conan clip when it’s YouTube’d.

[Pic from Bloc Party’s set at ACL ’07]

UPDATE: Conan video after the jump! (thanks, e)