New Britney Spears Video – “Gimme More”

It’s a tale of two Britneys! And watching it hurts like the Dickens. Contrary to popular culture belief, we’ve never been of a knee-jerk spear-Spears mentality; that’d be so shallow! Always, and especially these days, we give her a shot to reclaim those glory days of being irresistible jail bait with sweet hooks and “Toxic”ally infectious vids. But “Gimme More”? Anything but, lovely. She needs less of everything: less coke, less morphine pops … okay maybe more of some stuff, like more cloth on her ass in this clip. There’s blonde Brit and brunette Brit (one’s a stripper, one’s a patron) and it’s edited together to look like a sorority girls’ weekend with a video camera, filming an homage to Demi Moore in Striptease.

Okay, y’all excited yet? Then you’re ready to enjoy freshly leaked video for Britney Spears’s “Gimme More.”

Britney’s Blackout LP is slated for 11/13 release in the US on Jive/Sony BMG.