New Eels Video – “Fresh Blood” (Stereogum Premiere)

When we posted a link to the Eel’s new single “Fresh Blood,” we made sure to mention the name of the new album Hombre Lobo means “werewolf.” Continuing directly along that dark, creepy, and hairy course, the Jesse Dylan-directed video for “Fresh Blood”‘s shot at night with a red haze that looks bloody in the Carrie sense. The clip features an extremely bearded, lycanthropic E — nice wolf walking stick, by the way — howling at and stalking a sharp-dressed (and then undressed) lady. A pair of hooded wrestlers try to intervene, but so does a full moon. E’s take? “For years people have asked me what I do when I’m done recording all day. So here it is. A typical night…”

E also gave his reasoning behind “Fresh Blood”: “A few years ago I wrote a song called ‘I Want To Protect You’ that was about wanting to protect someone from the wolves. Now I am the wolf.”

Hombre Lobo is out 6/2 via Vagrant. The single, sans the late-night swim, is available at iTunes.

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