New Hives Video – “Tick Tick Boom”

The Hives are getting mad mileage out of new tune “Tick Tick Boom” via a Nike running shoe campaign, but don’t forget that garage riffage is also soundtracking Madden ’08. Good for them, though, it’s a killer comeback single, may as well work it and reintroduce themselves. The video’s got ‘em in their finely tailored black ‘n’ whites and blown up — first to 50 times their normal size, then like a porta-potty in Austin. Don’t need to page doc Freud to figure Pelle.

The Black And White Album is out 10/8 in the UK, 10/9 in the US via Interscope. And as Howlin’ Pelle mentioned back in May, expect his guest vocal on a new Raconteurs tune “Footsteps” at a date TBA.

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