New Yelle – “A Cause Des Garçons (Booster Remix)”

Word’s made its way back across the Atlantic about France’s Tecktonik scene, a contemporaneous flux of music/fashion/art that just may be as loved, loathed, and nonexistent as NME’s new rave nonsense. But, at least know that it’s out there, and that Yelle is deep in the mix of this maybe-movement. Not much info we can give ya ’cause our French skills are nonexistent (maybe you can translate?), but you can fashion your own facts off of this remix by Booster of “A Cause Des Garçons,” a keyboard-and-computer dance clash track, in which Yelle sings about, right, have no idea. They’re saying “French Lily Allen.”

Yelle – “A Cause Des Garçons (Booster Remix)” (MP3)

Don’t see it? Maybe if you literally see it…

Or maybe it’s ’cause she’s witty.

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