Where To Get Radiohead The Universal Sigh Newspaper

On Tuesday 3/29 Radiohead will release a newspaper titled The Universal Sigh. For free, all over the world at specific locations that have just been revealed. Head to theuniversalsigh.com for locations and more info, like about how you can take a picture of yourself reading it and post it on that site, if that is the sort of thing you enjoy doing. Two notes: 1) This is not the “newspaper” that will be included with the Newspaper Album version of The King Of Limbs, so those spending on the deluxe version of the album may still feel good about their purchases, and 2) “Radiohead will measure the carbon footprint of this project, and to offset the potential ecological impact we will retire the carbon credits used.” Well that is thoughtful. Hit the site to know where to lineup for some paper/meet some equally fanatic Radiohead peoples.

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