Ferraby Lionheart Covers “Man On The Moon”

Things have been at a slow and steady swell for Silver Lake folkie Ferraby Lionheart since we first tagged him an artist to watch: signing to Nettwerk; releasing his fine full-length debut Catch The Brass Ring; and for or better or worse, slowly getting swallowed by the Patsavas cabal (one of his tunes was featured on the second ep of Gossip Girl). We’re glad he signed on to Drive XV, ’cause his take on “Man On The Moon” serves beautifully as mellow, fingerpicked counterpoint to Shout Out Louds’ bongo-fied Kaufman tribute, the two versions honoring different sides of the track. Sure, it’s one of those tunes that’s been overplayed to an inch of its life, but Mike Mills still remembers fondly how the classic came about:

What can you say, you know? One of our finer, finer efforts. That came together literally on the last day of recording. We had the music all finished and we were all pushing Michael to get it done and he came in with all those great words and melodies on that last day of recording.

Grab Ferraby’s “Man On The Moon” here. We’ll keep the Drive XV party going with bonus tracks through the end of this week, so be sure to check back.

[Pic of Ferraby from his set @ Pianos 10/11/06]