Win Butler Tells Randall’s Island Arcade Fire Won’t Be Back In NYC “For A Few Years,” Covers Violent Femmes

Sorry for the doubled-up weekend Arcade action, but according to our inbox, we may not be posting about AF for awhile to come. Fearing Fire burnout (that’s what happens when you see a band nine times in a year), we opted instead to see Caribou and Born Ruffians at Bowery last night (pics TK), but those attending the super-show (Les Savy Fav/Blonde Redhead/LCD Soundsystem/Arcade Fire) at Randall’s Island had a little surprise: Win’s mention that Arcade Fire were taking an extended break from our fair city.

“I know we come to New York a lot, but this is going to be the last time for a few years. So let?s have a good time tonight,” he said according to reader Eliot Caroom. According to other emails, a (hopefully small) handful of New York fans responded in classy, New York fashion: with boos.

Guess it would’ve been nice for to be an online concert telecast after all, eh?

Tour hiatus? Time for solo projects? Time for Win and Régine to focus on a little Butler? Or did the band just sense they were one or two more Drew Barrymore sightings away from complete and utter clichéd cool kid overexposure?

Let the irresponsible rumor mongering begin. (Thanks for writing in, everyone.)

And if you didn’t make it last night, remember you can enter to win that tour-only split LCD/AF 7″. It’ll tide ya over for a few years.

UPDATE: “Thank you for a beautiful and memorable evening. Don’t forget to write over the next couple of years!” (Thanks, km)

UPDATE #2: Sweet vid of their “second encore,” covering Violent Femmes’ “Kiss Off.” (via BV)