Saturday Night Live Sees Spoon Go Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Presents Kevin Federline’s Parenting Tips

SNL will probably take a few cracks to top last week’s Kanye cameoing fun, though the Seth Rogen/Spoon ep had its moments. Like Seth and Kristin Wiig’s annoying-child cover of Winehouse’s “Rehab.” And every moment of the Douchebag Of The Year Awards (and their commemorative Jared Leto trophy). The rest of the show’s iffy sketches (and a few too many MacBruber sketches) meant it’d be easier for Spoon to shine, which they did on horny Ga? tracks “The Underdog” and “You Got Yr Cherry Bomb.” Both came off pretty well, save a little Britt chord flub at 1:40, on the heels of a cool melody-phrasing improv. It can’t all be wedding cake.

“You Got Yr Cherry Bomb” after the jump, along with Kevin Federline’s three lessons for parents aspiring to step to his parental awesomeness, as confirmed by being granted custody over his kids.

“Finally after two years in court, it’s official: Kevin Federline is slightly more responsible than Britney Spears.”

Speaking of Samberg shorts, no doubt you’ve heard that Andy, Akiva, Jorma and NBC goofed pulling together the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad love letter “Iran So Far Away” when they somehow forgot to clear the Aphex Twin “Avril 14th” sample. NBC’s goof is YouTube’s gain (as they’re not policing its viral dissemination), but mostly we just wanna give mad propers to commenter gl0tch for being the first on the internet to call it. Well done! You win the right to sample Aphex Twin and potentially be sued by Richard D. James himself.