New Architecture In Helsinki Video – “Debbie”

“Debbie”‘s one of the more memorable Places tracks, primarily ’cause Cameron’s verse vocals are positively Muppet-astic (more so than usual), and if you can say “Debbie” and “down” in rapid succession without faltering a bunch of times, you’re 90% of the way to mastering the hook. And the AiH kids have had a run of memorable vids for this album, so they had to cook up something special to honor the track’s wackiness. Enter Andy Davis, a professional pyro(technician) (or, “actor hired to bring some levity to the proceedings”). He chats up the lady in Helsinki, brags about working with big name acts like “40 Seconds To Mars … and Jet,” and fills condoms with explosive fluids (the pyrotechnic kind). AiH, suddenly all about blowing shit up? Maybe a nod to their Die Hard fan! (Probably not.)

Places Like This is out now on Polyvinyl.