New Black Lips (Feat. GZA) – “The Drop I Hold”

When Jessica spoke with Black Lips last year about their then-unreleased 200 Million Thousand, she reported the flower-punks were trying to get “a member or two of Wu-Tang Clan on a track,” the band adding: “Maybe not for the album, but for a remix or something or an EP later on down the road. We’ll see. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.” Sometimes it’s hard to know what it is serious and what is tongue-in-ironic-grills with these dudes, but those Wu promises turned out to be Genius after all: At SXSW this year there was plenty of talk about GZA’s unexpected (and inebriated, and not so great) cameos during Black Lips sets, and today we get that “remix or something for an EP.” The band’s forthcoming iTunes EP revolves around the hazed garage-soul of 200 Milliion Thousand’s “The Drop I Hold,” and will feature a version of that song that is identical to the album take, just without the sloppy beatboxing and plus a verse from GZA no big deal. Buy it on May 5th, or download it now. Your choice.

Black Lips (Feat. GZA) – “The Drop I Hold” (MP3)
(via Spinner)

200 Million Thousand is out via Vice. The iTunes EP is out 5/5 and will feature “The Drop I Hold” in both album and Genius iterations, along with an instrumental version so you can recreate the WTFery at home.

[Photo by Dickies]