Gmailers Go Nuts On eBay

I’m fascinated by the enterprising idiots who sell vanity gmail addressess on eBay. How much does one go for? Well, it all depends on the seller’s level of delusion.

Here’s a list of auctions sorted by current asking price. There’s something for every budget!

$0.01 [email protected]
$1.00 [email protected]
$2.25 [email protected]
$2.96 [email protected]
$3.99 [email protected]
$4.95 [email protected]
$5.00 [email protected]
$7.99 [email protected]
$8.00 [email protected]
$9.99 [email protected]
$10.00 [email protected] (this isn’t even spelled correctly!)
$14.99 [email protected] (“it means ‘i miss you’ in Indonesian language”)
$20.00 [email protected]
$24.95 [email protected]
$24.99 [email protected] (interesting picture with this one)
$30.00 [email protected]
$49.00 [email protected]
$88.00 [email protected]
$200.00 [email protected]
$488.00 [email protected]
$500.00 [email protected]
$2,000.00 [email protected]

And finally … the best one of all.

In conclusion, if you think the whole firstname.lastname thing is played out — and you are totally uncreative — there are plenty of thoughtful people on eBay who are willing to help you out (if Google doesn’t get to them first).