Coldplay Excitedly Reveal Their “Plagiarist’s Paradise”

Coldplay try damn hard (and usually unsuccessfully) to be epic in their tunes, although they’ve effortlessly achieved grandiosity in their breathtaking qualitative nosedive (assuming they’ve ever had redeeming qualities to burn, which may or may not be true). Regardless, we’re genuinely intrigued to hear what Brian Eno’s production does to their star-gazing balladry. If you couldn’t get into ‘em ’cause they sounded like watered down Radiohead, fear not — they’re over all that. They’re moving on to shoegazer and hip hop pilfering now.

Via Rolling Stone:

[Chris] Martin loves technology as much as Kip Dynamite ? he and the band have spent hours on their computers referencing their favorite works, for their own sordid purposes.”We can be working on something and go, ?We should steal this from My Bloody Valentine and this from Rammstein and this from Jay-Z?s first album, and then listen to this classical piece by Holst,'” he says. “It?s a plagiarist?s paradise. We used to just be able to steal off Radiohead. Now we can steal off everybody.”

Chris if you steal from Jay-Z, you’re gonna make Kanye crazy jealous. Have you not heard “Big Brother“? Yeah, the Radiohead/Travis retread shtick was pretty tired from the get-go, but don’t stop just yet — there’s at least one way in which we’d like to see you shamelessly steal from Thom & Co.’s ingenuity. (Hint.)

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