New Ween – “Your Party”

Big news came from Gene and Dean earlier this summer, the pride of New Hope announcing a new record — their first in four years — and a move to Rounder Records, to satisfy Dean’s persistent wish to be on the same label that “put out those early George Thorogood records.” Short lead time on that announcement (not that we’re complaining); the brothers Ween’s new LP La Cucaracha’s out in just over two weeks. Ready to “Party”?

[Pic from Ween’s set at Bonnaroo ’07]

Ween are. The noise coming from those spending time with the cockroach record is that it’s their best since Chocolate And Cheese which, given that C&C ranks alongside Quebec as our favorite, is very good news. To “Your Party,” then, the first track we’ve had to hear, a groovy tune featuring David Sanborn with smoothed-up sax solos; it’s that kind of party, the kind for which “the wife and I thank you very much,” with candy, spices, tri-color pasta, cream puffs, and meat with “succulent juices.” The kind you go home and dream about, sleeping next to your grateful wife. It’s a vision of matrimonial bliss we’re laughing at, and we can’t quiet pin down why…

Ween – “Your Party” (MP3)

Ween’s ninth LP