Antony & The Johnsons Bring “Another World” To Craig Ferguson

Antony Hegarty TV-performance roll call: David Letterman, Jonathan Ross, The Culture Show, and Your Boyfriend (Dutch edition). It’s been an impressive and somewhat unexpected push for an album and outfit totally worthy of it: Each time the Johnsons have brought a different The Crying Light gem, and each time there’s no question they’ve crushed it. The meditative naturalism of last night’s “Another World” for Ferguson is no exception. Normally you’d be advised against playing something so sedately drifting so late at night, but normally sedately drifting isn’t this transfixing. At this rate Antony will do every talk show ever and they will run out of The Crying Light songs, at which time hopefully they’ll delve into those Coachella-debuted Matthew Herbert electro versions of the Crying Light songs. Until then, you’ll have to make do with Antony’s excellence in its original instance.

The Crying Light is out. Keep you posted on a studio version of that Herbert collab project.