the morning benders – “Better In Blue”

Early on March 23rd, main morning bender Chris Chu tweeted “you look better in blue.” It took a day, but those words got some context when the band released Japan Echo, the eight-song EP full of remixes (by Star Slinger, Twin Sister, Wild Nothing, Aislyn, RAC) and a pair of originals that was offered up to the internet with 100% proceeds going to Japan’s earthquake relief fund; one of those originals is called “Better In Blue.” It’s got some unexpected electronics at its core and to its drums, harmonies far afield from those Spector-era sounds on Big Echo, and the sort of skittering guitar and weirdly congealed schizo stuffs that Dave Longstreth was playing with on his New Attitude EP. Hear it at the benders’ Tumblr page, buy and donate at their website.