New Wyclef Jean (Feat. Paul Simon) – “Fast Car”

Interesting to see developments within the Fugees tribe over a decade after The Score. Pras is making films and docs, Lauryn’s erratic as ever, and Wyclef is, well, still exuberant and indiscriminately inclusive (his forthcoming The Carnival II: Memoirs Of An Immigrant has guest spots by everyone from Akon to Serj Tankian to Paul Simon).

Paul’s track’s the one we’ve keyed in on, and … hey, we like it. A lot, actually, at least during the hooks and anytime still-crazy Simon’s singing (lead, harmony, you know he’s got ‘em both down); not surprising to hear Paul’s in his element over Wyclef’s African-inflected rhythm and guitar work. The Jean verses are lacking, but his background vox during the Paul parts are just compensation. Still suckers for Simon.

The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant is out 12/4 on Sony.