Watch Ted Leo Interview Michael Stipe, J Mascis, Liz Phair & Other SXSW Luminaries

SXSW 2011 came and went — we have the portraits to prove it — but it doesn’t mean those days in Austin aren’t still spitting out worthwhile mementos… Like Fred Armisen before him, Ted Leo interviewed a bunch of folks while he was down in Austin. Unlike Armisen, he takes it fairly seriously, a seriousness pays off with some good insights about lazy journalism, etc. See how he does with Liz Phair, Michael Stipe, and J Mascis. It was for IFC.

You can watch him talk with Sharon Van Etten, Emmylou Harris, Sir Bob Geldof, and Billy Bob Thornton, etc., at IFC. Matador has the links nicely organized at their Matablog.