New O+S Video – “Permanent Scar” (Stereogum Premiere)

O+S is the working name for the mind-meld between Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, Art In Manila) and Scalpelist (aka Cedric LeMoyne of Remy Zero). We were immediately taken (and went on at length) about their self-titled debut’s coasting, bittersweet dream-pop anthem “We Do What We Want To,” but it’s always been “Permanent Scar” that the outfit had in mind for a lead single. The album’s press materials focus on the duo’s composition process (Orenda’s field recordings from an artist residency given instrumental support and shaped into backing tracks by Scalpelist) while namechecking the spirit of David Lynch, so it’s a fair lens with which to watch this vid. You won’t find much by way of found sound in “Permanent Scar”‘s guitar jags and rumbling bass, but there’s a certain Lynchian spirit to the quick cuts and flickering images of the band being paired with the track’s coiled menace and Orenda’s dreamlike vocals. It’s a little pretty, but mostly pretty anxious.

Have it:

O+S – “Permanent Scar” (MP3)

And this:

O+S – “We Do What We Want To” (MP3)

O+S is out via Saddle Creek. Plus they’re on Twitter.

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