New Black Affair – “Tak! Attack!”

Ex-Beta Band man Steve Mason’s kept busy after Beta broke-up, notably with King Biscuit Time. But there’s another form of Mason-ry worth deconstructing, namely his “electro R&B” project Black Affair. Steve’s been streaming demos, rough cuts, and proper tracks for awhile now, although this one’s the first single from Black Affair’s first proper LP Pleasure Pressure Point. Really digging it. Electro r&b is a fair descriptor, at least for “Tak! Attack!”‘s sorta sleazy new wave, rocking a couple of “tak” and “attack” chants, a chorus melody lifted from song bygone song we can’t quite place (help?). Dig the cascading ’80s synths and especially that hidden frequency that’s making the puppies prowling around the room bark (seriously, try it when you’re home; the doggies no likey).

Black Affair – “Tak! Attack!” (MP3)

Hear more at MySpace. Black Affair’s “Tak! Attack!” single is out 10/22 and the Pleasure Pressure Point album is out sometime in early ’08, both via V2.