NBC’s Chuck Is Trying Really Hard To Woo You And According To The Ratings, It’s Not Working

Not watching Chuck? That’s for the best, although the suits at NBC would be shocked and saddened to hear it, especially since they’ve decided their 40 Year Old Virgin-meets-The Bourne Ultimatum (but not as good as that sounds) comedy appears to be targeted directly at you, indie rock friends of ours. In our ‘Very Special PREMIERE WEEK EXTRAVAGANZA Of Show Tunes,’ we mentioned that the series introduced itself with a sort-of live performance from Foreign Born (playing in a bar Chuck went to) and closed with the spy guy trying to get romantic on the beach to the Shins’ “A Comet Appears.”

But we forgot to mention Teddybears’ “Cobrastyle,” Gomez’s “See The World,” and Beck’s “Cellphone’s Dead.”

Then to episode two, where they played Spoon’s “Don’t Make Me A Target” something like four times, and closed with another faux-romantic scene set to the tender sounds of the New Pornographer’s “Challengers.”

But really all this only became a post when it was on (in the background, promise) last night, when we heard Chuck running from dangerous people to some new Band Of Horses — “Lamb Of The Lam (In The City),” wethinks — and closed to…

…the National’s “Slow Show.” Believe that’s the first time we’ve heard the National on a sitcom (congrats guys), but Chuck’s sorta sucked the fun out of it; at this point we’re half-expecting for them to spin Animal Collective’s “#1″ based solely on AC’s decision to play it on Conan (“For Revered Green” would be better if you’re reading, Chuckleheads).

The big take-home, though? Chuck’s ratings are declining every week, not the sorta thing that makes the peacock proud — or happy. The connection between “hip music” and valuable-demo dominance was a big deal after The OC etc., but maybe now the networks are learning it’ll take more to hook you than a scroll through your iTunes and a hero that looks like Jim Halpert. But we do thank them for trying.

[And just to explain … there’s nothing else on at that time and we really need to unwind to something mindless, and so we watch. Also, we were watching to research this post. Also … yeah, out of excuses.]